Vanessa Rossi Design


Some background.


Vanessa Rossi is a graphic designer, illustrator, and musician. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and a GDC from Massachusetts College of Art + Design. She has been a guest lecturer on digital design at Parsons School of Design and Lesley University.  Vanessa has worked in academic and cultural institutions in Boston (Pearson Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Harvard University Press) and New York City (Bard Graduate Center for Decorative Art, Design History, and Material Culture). She has held senior positions in design at Mad*Pow and Facing History and Ourselves, and taken on a wide breadth of projects as a freelancer.

Vanessa also produces paintings and textiles, which have been sold in West Elm and Nordstrom. She has released her own music, as well as toured with Scary Mansion, a band featuring her twin sister. She lives in Massachusetts.